Covid-19 framework

We, along with the College of Massage Therapy of PEI and the Dept. of Health have developed a framework to safely go back to work.

Our responsibilities :

  • We will be wearing a clean mask for each client
  • We will wear a face shield and gloves for intra-oral work
  • We will book 30 minutes between clients so we can clean all surfaces including tables, face cradles, bottles, chairs etc. with proper disinfectant
  • There will be hand sanitizer at the door and in the treatment room to be used by client upon entering the clinic
  • There will be no magazines, water cooler or touchables in the office
  • Payment by debit, credit card or e-transfer as much as possible
  • PPE to be changed for each client and have separate lidded bin
  • We will self assess daily for signs of Covid-19
  • Used linens removed to laundry room immediately, clean linens stored in closed cupboards or bins
  • Posters for signs of Covid-19 and what to do if you have any
  • Standard Covid-19 questionnaire for every client, every treatment to be completed and signed and put in your file
  • There will be only one person in the waiting room at a time, no family or friends to be in the office waiting for you.
  • We will participate in COVID-19 active screening of ALL clients

Your responsibilities

  • If you have any signs or symptoms of Covid-19, cancel your appointment right away and call 811
  • Be 10 minutes early so we can do Covid-19 assessment and start treatment on time
  • The active assessment questions are 1) Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19 or awaiting test results? 2) Have you been told by public health that you may have been exposed to COVID-19? 3) Have you traveled outside of PEI in the last 14 days? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions your appointment will be canceled, please do not book an appointment with us if you have been or are planning to be outside of PEI.
  • Please text when you arrive and your therapist will tell you to come in when she is ready for you.
  • Everyone must wear a mask into the office and during treatment. Please bring your own, they will not be provided.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call or message us on our Facebook page or call the office at 902.892.7334